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When I saw that vlogbrother Hank Green made two videos, “Eating Man Meat” and “I AM A BAD PERSON!“, I knew that he wanted to become vegetarian, but didn’t have the support system.

Good scientists like Hank Green who are capable of critical thought know that meat is actually more difficult to digest than proteins from plant-based sources. It rots in our colons, which are comparatively longer than those of carnivores, whose are designed to pass flesh quickly. Moreover, meat requires digestive juices high in HCl, and ours are 20 times less acidic than needed. Fore more on why we should be vegetarian and how to go about it, including recipes, I highly recommend the book The Higher Taste.

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I wanted to reach out to Hank and let him know that if he wanted to go vegetarian he had my virtual support, so I wrote an open letter to him on The Huffington Post.

Update (Jan 22, 2016):

“I completely understand [vegetarians’] desire to convert people like me to their cause, and I am thankful to all of you people who tell me not to eat meat. And yet, I am going to continue eating less, but not no meat, because it’s easier, it’s simple, I like it, and I’m not perfect.”