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In our post-feminist society, there is no reason for women to be afraid of anything. We can climb the corporate ladder, do and wear and be whatever we want, and if we ever get assaulted–which is extremely rare–we can go to the police right away and demand justice, dooming the perpetrator to a life behind bars and a ruined reputation. After all, there is nothing worse than assaulting a woman, and our society looks down upon those who do it. Their careers, providing them a source of income, will be ruined and they will bear a public badge of shame forever.

Women should never be afraid because women are so respected and empowered, that they often lord their advantages over men. Feminism is a myth; misandry is the real issue in all Western countries. This is why false rape accusations are so prevalent. Women should never be afraid to come forward, but when a woman accuses a man of rape, she had better come with co-accusers, a video recording, and a crystal clear memory. She also needs to have done nothing to incite the crime with her appearance, behaviour, or presence at a certain place (a bar, restaurant, street, mall, or other location where there may be males present) or at a certain time of day. If she has not taken these precautions, what cause does she have to ruin an innocent man’s life? Such a woman is clearly a vengeful temptress and unworthy of the protection and glorification our society places on her because she ruins it for true victims.  She has accused a man of the worst possible offense: of spoiling the treasure of a future husband. Of destroying an object that does not belong to him.

As long as they aren’t being vindictive liars, real women should never be afraid.

Women should never be afraid because even shameless women such as Laci Green have made names for themselves purely by openly discussing lewd topics and by denigrating men. For instance, the shrew has written an open letter to YouTube superstar Sam Pepper asking him to stop assaulting women on camera. But women should never be afraid because even with video evidence, it’s obvious that the women were in on the joke, and Green is a classic feminazi. Sam has since faced horrible consequences in his YouTube career, including multiple accusations of harassment and being banned from VidCon. Luckily his real fans, most of whom are young girls, still see the truth and stand by him, as they do for others who have also been accused. For attempting to destroy Sam’s platform, Green, clearly devoid of womanly virtues, should apologize to Sam, delete her offensive channel, and go to jail.

  1. Women should never be afraid because they are so socially molly-coddled that even if they have no talent, they can still achieve high accolades simply due to PC culture. So hell-bent on advocating nonsense like “body positivity,” even top magazines like Sports Illustrated feature hideous, unhealthy models. If you’re a woman, your life is set. Women should never be afraid because so one-sided is our society that although women can build careers based around promoting SJW ideologies such as sex positivity and body positivity, men never make their careers by denigrating women.

Women should never be afraid because pro-life politicians who campaign for anti-abortion laws and birth control restrictions are genuinely concerned for women’s health. They are not trying to punish women in any way. Women should never be afraid because the glass ceiling has long been shattered, and women can be taken seriously even in the political sphere.

We have everything going for us. Women should never be afraid.