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Taste Tests

Turning chemistry into a cakewalk.

Taste Tests is a composition of my favourite no-nonsense, vegetarian dessert recipes, scientifically tested to ensure they yield delicious results. These healthier versions of old favourites like cheesecake and pumpkin pie are made from scratch with common kitchen ingredients and are easy to follow, even for first-time home bakers.

This book of simple recipes serves as a great introduction to chemistry and baking for people who want to understand the “hows” and “whys” of recipe-experiments—especially for those interested in lower fat, eggless options that do not compromise taste and do not require you to search your shelves for quirky substitutes.

By using these simple and scientific formulas, amateur bakers with no health or science background will soon find themselves gliding past the processed mixes and heading straight for the flour.

This Book Is For You If…


You are a novice or home baker

You want easy, unprocessed

You’re interested in kitchen chemistry
and food science

You need a healthier alternative to
store-bought treats

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