Vegetarianism is Delicious!

There’s an old adage about us herbivores. It goes: How do you know when someone’s a vegetarian?

They’ll tell you.

And why wouldn’t they? Vegetarianism is delicious!

Hi, I’m Samita Sarkar, an author who loves being a vegetarian so much that I write about it all the time.

And I want to help you to join me.

Benefits of Vegetarianism

It’s better for us

Reasons to Start Today

Vegetarianism is healthier

It’s better for the animals

It’s better for the planet

Vegetarianism is cheaper

Vegetarianism is easier (yes, really!)

Upcoming Books

Taste Tests
The Science of Simple, Healthier Desserts

Want to eat vegetarian, but are not sure how? No need to give up your favourite treats.

  • Learn to bake delicious vegan and vegetarian desserts
  • Perfect for beginners and home bakers
  • Simple ingredients
  • No eggs or refined sugars
  • Learn the chemical science behind the recipes

Why Vegetarian?

This nonfiction discusses a variety of reasons to pursue a vegetarian diet.

  • Includes scientific references and case studies
  • Provides an expos√© on the agricultural industry, diet industry, and more
  • Includes insider information on how animals are treated under animal welfare laws
  • Concludes with ten easy meal ideas and recipes to get you started

Want to Be a Vegetarian?

If you’re interested in becoming a vegetarian, or if you’re already a vegetarian and you just want to help me to spread the word about how awesome it is, sign up below.

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